For ages now I’ve tried and failed to find a single resource that lists all the Kindle devices and Apps and whether they are able to display the newer KF8 Kindle ebook format, or only the old MOBI format. So I’ve created one below, based on my own experience. Hopefully, this list will be subject to change when Amazon get their act together and update all their apps to the same standard.

By way of explanation: KF8 is Amazon’s new ebook format/standard – very similar to the ePub format, and a way of making up for the vast deficiencies of their older MOBI format (lack of support for CSS, limited text formatting options, no true support for text margins, no font embedding, no fixed layout support, and about a million other things too). All reflowable (non-fixed-layout) Kindle ebooks are now confusingly packaged in a zip file with the extension “.mobi”, and contain both a KF8 version and an older MOBI version so that devices and apps that can’t read KF8 can still read the book, although without the full layout and formatting of the KF8 version.

Can Display KF8:

  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle 4
  • Kindle Keyboard (Kindle 3)
  • Kindle Fire (all devices)
  • Kindle App for PC
  • Kindle App for Android
  • Kindle App for Mac (I think – can you confirm this?)

Only Displays MOBI:

  • Kindle 2
  • Kindle 1
  • Kindle DX
  • Kindle App for iOS (including iPad, iPhone, iPod)
  • Kindle Cloud Reader

Incidentally, the only reason I can fathom for the lack of KF8 support in the iOS Apps is commercial rivalry… Can you think of any other reasons? I’d love to have a less petty explanation for such an exasperating problem…

EDIT: the Kindle App for iOS now does display KF8. Kindle Cloud Reader may do too, I have yet to test this out.